YDRE Riot Kit

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We have developed a plug and play kit for the G-29 and it truly is a riot to drive. We did a lot of testing with Alltrax when they introduced the new XCT controllers and they are way ahead of the pack when it comes to the competition. We have tortured them in testing and they passed with flying colors. Our kit will come with our proprietary D-D built motor that has taken us ten years to develop and perfect. We have over 8,000 of our motors in carts around the world. This is a H class motor that will take temps to 350 and higher and our armature is triple banded for extreme high speed runs. Ever notice when shopping for a motor they ask Do you want speed or power, not with our motor! We have spent a lot of time and money to develop a motor that delivers both! Our 9.5 HP motor delivers speeds of 27-35 mph depending on cart gears, configuration and 100% + more torque that rips the tires and will pin you in the seat! Our motor also comes with a one year warranty.(excludes shipping) Our kit comes with everything that you need. Plus, you get our laminated battery maintenance guide that will show you how to take care of your cart and get the most out of your battery pack. Also, you get Don's 30 years of experience for technical support if needed.