3 Lithium 36 volt 36 ah Batteries with Charger

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3 Lithium Batteries (any voltage) with Charger.
We have tested a lot of lithium batteries in the last year with great results from all of them. As far as run time, price, and warranty, we are stocking two brands of lithium batteries, Power Sonic and Allied. The Power Sonic is a great 100amp hr lithium battery for boats, fork lifts and solar ect. However, we are unable to series more than two of them due to the bms system. The Allied lithium's comes in 12v 100 amp hr 24v 60 amp hr 36v 36 amp hr 48v 30 amp hr 72v 18 amp hr. We stock all of the different amp hr batteries and will ship out the same day. Allied batteries come with an 8 year warranty and free 4ga cables.