G-2 - G-14 Performance Exhaust

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Plowman's Carts is proud to offer a performance exhaust system for the G-2 - G-14 carts. A major problem with the 285cc or the 300cc motor is exhaust system blockage due to carbon deposits and the construction of the stock exhaust. Our customers have been plagued with exhaust valve, valve train and piston ring failures due to this type of exhaust restriction. The combustion chamber becomes excessively hot and damages the exhaust valve and valve train or the unit exhibits a premature smoking condition during operation. All of our exhaust systems will increase horse power, have better acceleration and have a stock but interesting exhaust note. Install our clutch kit and air filter modifications to compliment your new exhaust system. The G-2 - G-14 factory exhaust has no performance qualities and retains too much heat. Plowman's exhaust for the G-2 - G-14 is less restrictive. it sounds great and offers a 1 HP increase over stock.